Friday, November 30, 2012

Hello to Uni =)

It's been ages since i last update my blog.. Due to a piglet's request, i'll update my blog with my life as an University student.. Giving up on UMS made me as an UTAR student (cheapest private university).. haha!! No doubt that my course BBA might be the most number of students for October intake..  9 months never touch any books and my first semester was like damn fast with only 7 weeks of classes.. The worst thing is i'm taking accounts this semester.. ish >.<

That's the side view of the university.. Place and the scenery are nice but as for the management.. You'll know when you're a student here.. Many people chose to come to UTAR even some are from Sabah and Sarawak.. Therefore, i asked them, " what makes you choose UTAR"? The reason was UTAR is very well-known in their hometown.. Unbelievable?? Believe it!!! I managed to know a FEW friends(ji mui) that i'm comfortable with where i can share feelings and also secrets.. I'm not sure when i started to be anti-social, don't feel like getting to know new friends.. Something is wrong with me.. Haha!!! 

The grand hall.. My first impression i thought is a temple but ended up is the place i'll stand in 3 years time.. At least i won't be graduating at MCA building.. The design is quite cool and spaces..  Went there once for the 10th anniversary celebration.. My friends told me that it's very beautiful when the lights are all turned on during the night time.. =)

Group picture near block B..

Chilling at Starbucks 

First time to AEON 18 with piglet fong and kavy lim.. Had our lunch at Kim Gary and planned to play bowling but don't have.. DISAPPOINTED!!!

The thing that i learnt in UTAR was we need to be competitive and fast in grabbing your next semester's timetable.. It was the first time for me and i was like OMG.. Kill me.. My future course mates gathered at my house just to grab for the  same timetable.. We had our plan on which timing to choose but it was messed up when our timing was taken by others... The worst thing is we couldn't get the same tutorial classes.. Seriously, the situation was like dooms day is coming.. haha!!! So, that's my screwed up second semester timetable.. Hope things will be better next semester.. =)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our 1st anniversary=)

Sorry for the "super" late update.. I have been keeping this as draft since January and i don't have time to actually post it out.. haha!! So, this is the present i prepared(DIY) for our anniversary=) Had been thinking hard what to get for him and finally i did something simple and memorable.. Love is when you looked into someone's eyes and find everything you need.

Wrapped up the chocolate box with present paper.. Did it last minute because he came earlier than what he supposed to so i was like in a hurry.. Sorry if is a little bit messy.. Wanted to get winnie the pooh wrapper but couldn't find it.. aww...=(

Flower shaped dark chocolate.. He don't like to eat those chocolate with heavy milk taste so i made dark chocolate for him.. I hide the chocolate in the fridge and asked him to open it when it's 12am.. I think he know what i want to give him but he still act like he's so surprise when he saw the present...

A dvd about our journey and also some sweet memories.. Not to forget, i would like to thank Mr Tan Chee Hooi to help me burn the video inside dvd.. And also keep it a secret from him.. haha!!

p/s: Noobie ng, YOU... Complete me!! haha..

Love this song=)

I don't know why but i just love this song. I can hear this song at least 5 times a day.. Hahaha!! Maybe i'm too boring.. I started work on beginning of the april and i still haven't go on live.. My training haven't over yet due to the busy-ness of my trainer.. haha!!! All my colleuges are friendly and i like the environment at there.. I hope i can have all the BOSCH appliances in my future home because they are awesome and high technology.. Of course, they are costly also.. haha!! So, basically im just crapping because im bored and just to let you guys know that this song is awesome... Let's hear together people<3

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

He's coming home=)

He's coming home, he's coming home.. Tell the world he's coming home!!! Hahaha~~ I will meet my brother in least than 10hours...Haven't really meet him for the past 3 years( Skye doesn't considered).. I'm sure he got many things to do when he's back.. meet up with old friends and also hang out at mamak stalls.. That's what he likes the most.. haha!! I can also claim my presents for the past 3 years.. haha!!! My best Chinese new year because all my family members are around.. We can finally snap a family picture=)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Manicure and pedicure=)

Since my cousin sister managed to get a discount for the treatment plus she sponsored us a little so why not!!! Let's do pedicure and manicure at Penang!!! hahaha~~ I did it with my cousin sister.. Just both of us.. While dear, jojo and another cousin sister waiting for us, they went to have yummy food without us!!

Is actually dark green if you see nicely.. cause when i asked my mum, she said why i choose black.. I like this colour.. nice=)

Planned to use green too but totally banned by my cousin sister.. And since i hate pink, so my cousin sister and dear chose blue for me.. Not that bad.. At least i know what colour suits me... haha!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Yummy yummy!!!!

Can you imagine that you need to wake up at 5am just to eat this? lol.. This is nice.. Seriously the best ever.. Maybe for Teluk intan la... haha!!! I can actually buy it at some kopitiam so that i don't need to wake up so early but that's the thrill... LOL.. Anyone want to tag along.. Seriously, woke up at 5am really very fun!!!